Off to Zeiss
I always enjoy visiting with the folks from Zeiss and today was no exception. We caught up on social things and family news and then got down to business. I once again managed to get an slamming opportunity on a great riflescope to offer to you.
We are blowing out their Zeiss Conquest HD5 2-10x42 - Rapid-Z 600 riflescope(522611-9981)for only $599.99, reduced from $949.99 or purchase it with a neoprene ScopeCoat for only $612.98

New from Zeiss, which we announced a short time ago were coming, is their new ZEISS VICTORY SF 8x42 and 10x42 binoculars.
The widest field of view in its class means you’ll see a lot more of what nature has to offer. The eyepiece delivers extremely sharp focus all the way to the edges thanks to the integrated Comfort View Field Flattener lens. In addition, moderate magnification, balanced weight distribution and ergonomic grip make these binoculars a delight to hold for hours of relaxing viewing without fatigue. The close range of 5 ft allows for immersive, highly detailed images of animals in the wild. Exceptionally balanced weight distribution and advanced ergonomics with anti-slip profile provide outstanding
viewing stability and significantly reduce fatigue for hours
of comfortable observation, even at ten power. A light transmission of 92% and large exit pupil measuring over 5 mm ensures bright, brilliant images, even in low light situations.
These are very impressive. of course I could only look thru them inside of the convention center, but comparing them with other high quality Zeiss optics they were ultra impressive.

The existing Terra ED Binoculars have now been expanded to include 32mm objective 8x32 & 10x32 binoculars
From Zeiss' press release:
Pack light. Hunt hard. Travel fast.
ZEISS and Under Armour teamed up to launch the new TERRA ED 8x32
and 10x32 binocular. The TERRA ED 8x32 and 10x32 are the ideal
companions for bow hunters and rifle hunters who demand quality optics and extreme mobility. With compact and lightweight design, rugged and waterproof construction, comfortable ergonomics and an exclusive Under Armour Bino Harness, featuring durable, thick hypalon attachments, solid metal hardware and adjustable elastic straps for complete comfort. Scramble rocks. Climb trees. Jump ditches. ZEISS TERRA has a wide field of view and bright and clear image, even in low light conditions.
Priced at $369.99 for the 8x32 and $399.99 for the 10x32 I think these will be a hot seller.

They also introduced the Terra ED 42 series (8x42 and 10x42) in a camo version
. Personally I think this is just to sell binoculars to guys that buy them, put them down and then can't find them. Never understood camo binoculars, but I'm sure the powers that be at Zeiss researched this and decided it was a great idea so who am I to knock it?

An interesting edition to their product line is the new
ZEISS TERRA XB75 Crossbow Scope.
The premium crossbow scope that hunts harder, longer.
The new ZEISS TERRA XB75 is the first premium scope to dedicate German engineering and performance to hardcore crossbow enthusiasts. . The XB75’s patented ballistic reticle provides numbered holdover lines that allow you to shoot at distances up to 75 yards in 2-1/2 yard increments. With a lightweight, rugged, compact 1“ design and MC anti-reflective coatings the XB75 allows you to squeeze every last minute of shootable light out of your hunting day.

They do not have a booth but I went and met with Charles from Zen-Ray

Once again we arranged for an exclusive on their ZEN-RAY - ZEN ED2 - 20-60x82mm Angled Spotter which we are offering for only $799.99
, reduced from $1199.99. This is for sure a best buy in an angled riflescope. Take a look at this if you're in the market for a scope. Our delivery will arrive the 2nd week of February.

We also bought all their remaining inventory of Zen ED-3 8x43 & Zen ED-3 10x43
binoculars. The reason is he informed me that they will have an ED-4 series by Summer. The big improvement is more space in the hinge open space, which makes it more comfortable to rest 3 fingers in that area. Once they arrive I'll do a side by side (if we have any ED-3's left) and let you know if there's an optical improvement.

Their other announcement is they quietly revamped their ZRS HD 42mm binoculars
for 2015. The new binocular is noticeably brighter thanks to the newer dielectric coating on the prism. For a full size 42mm binoculars, they definitely feel compact in my hands. Light weight design makes it ideal to pack along for a multi-day hunting.

My last meeting this year was with Nikon
. We, as a Camera dealer, have been authorized Nikon dealers since we opened in 1957. As a camera dealer Nikon will not allow us to carry any item considered a "hunting/shooting" item. This means we cannot carry their riflescopes or non-golf rangefinders. Nikon camera division, which I understand to be 90% of the company, is not pro hunting and will not allow their cameras sold along side their hunting products which means we cannot carry them. Makes no sense to me but they did not ask my opinion.
Anyway, nothing new in Nikon binoculars or in their spotting scopes so I chatted with long time friends there and went on my way.

Being this was my last meeting you know by now where I went. Today was a two scoop cone. Choc. Chip and Coffee. So yummy.

If I can answer anything for you, as always, it will be my pleasure. For those of you who took the time to read this entire report please mention this to me when you place your next order and I'll add a bonus into your shipment. Nice to know that you're taking the time to read the whole thing when I take the time to write it, lol.

As always, thank you for all the support we receive. We are nothing without you, and we know that.
Have a great day