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    Default need some help,

    I took a nice pic on the Kenai last week while I was up in Anchorage for an interview, the reflection looks great but the actual sky is too bright. I canít seem to find the right tool in PhotoShop 7 to make the mountain top stand out from the sky/clouds, the snow isnít really helping things either.

    Any suggestions? (I am planning on giving this pic to a friend for a gift and I would like it to be worthy of hanging on a wall.)
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    Most of the time if you have something blown out it is hard to recover. A little yes, alot, no. You can pull your exposure down a little then lighten a little. Not sure if this is available on "7". I currently use CS2. I have learned to err on the side of underexposing as opposed to overexposing. Also, the best tool I have in my camera bag are the ND Grad filters. They can reduce the tops of mountains several stops without changing the detail below the mountains. EricL


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