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Thread: .270 WSM, cutting barrel to 20"?

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    Default .270 WSM, cutting barrel to 20"?

    I've got a Tikka T3 lite that I was thinking about cutting down to 18-20" from factory 22 3/4". Besides loss of 200-300fps will it change the accuracy?. This gun shoots rally good as it is and don't want to lose that accuracy. By the way this is going to be primarily a mountain and deer gun. The reason I want to do this is after carrying the Ruger MkII frontier 16 1/2" in .308 and not getting hung up on devils club and alders I got kind of spoiled.

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    Welcome to the forum,

    First off barrel length has very little to do with mechanical accuracy. If the barrel is doing well it will do well at any length. Now that said the barrel being bobbed off may/will have a different vibration pattern and therefore may not like the prevoius loads resulting in the shorter barrel may be much more accurate as it will become a stouter barrel. I.E. shorter length but still same diameter.
    Now as for intrinsic accuracy (how well YOU hit with it) It may cause more blast and recoil which may make it harder for you to hit with. It may not handle well which again may make it harder to hit with.

    Make sure that the crown is done properly and you will be fine. Your velocity loss will be of no consequence and probably less that you have been lead to think.

    Go for it lop it off at 20" and let us know what you think and what the velocity loss is.

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    A shorter barrel will be a stiffer barrel and hence will tend to be at least as accurate as prior to surgery although due to altered barrel harmonics your point of inpact will change requiring appropriate scope adjustments. In addition depending on the weight of the rifle prior to shortening, the balance may change significantly. For my money as a sheep hunter a light rifle with a 22" barrel is fine - not many alders at elevation! In addition a rifle that is slightly "barrel heavy" points easier and hence one is often more accurate, esp. for offhand shots.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, I'm going to give it a whack, ha ha.

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    Well I went ahead and cut off 4", so it is around 19". I shot it today and the first shots were about 5" high and 1" left. After a couple shots, had it back to where it neede to be and next 3 shots inside 1". Relieved and happy to say the least. I don't have a chrono, so thjat will have to wait until the range. Thanks for info guys.

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    Thumbs down 270 Win

    In doing so you will lose whatever gain by using a 270 WSM you will be back to 270 Win performance or less.

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    Yeah, but will he be back to 270 Win performance in a 19" barrel?
    Science has a rich history of proving itself wrong.


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