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    If you fly and hunt in Alaska item #3 at the next meeting may interest you:

    "The following additional topics will be addressed at the board’s Central/Southwest Region meeting scheduled for February 13 – 20, 2015 at the Best Western. Lake Lucille Inn, located at 1800 W. Lake Lucille Drive, Wasilla, Alaska. The on-time comment deadline is January 30, 2015. However, written comments may be submitted to the Board of Game at any time before the proposal is taken up by the board in deliberations via fax to (907)465-6094, or in person, if 20 copies are provided.
    1) Seasons and bag limit for black bear in Unit 6 (Proposals 209-211);
    2) Controlled Use Area for Unit 6 (Proposal 212);
    3) Restrictions to taking sheep with aircraft, statewide. (Proposal 207); and
    4) Retrieval and salvage of wounded game (Proposal 201)"

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    From a safety stand point the 24 hr rule is horrible, in areas where sheep live you have no idea what the weather is going to be in 24 hrs and you could be weathered into a remote site for weeks. Yea you should have survivial gear but who wants to be at a high risk for a survival situation over artificial rules for a recreational hunt.

    On the game management side I have no idea what the sheep population looks like but if its anything other than an over abundance of sheep, hunting sheep by every yokle in anchorage or out of state is not a right. If you are just part of the teaming mass of city dewellers who wants to take out thousands of dollars or gear for a trophy hunt then there better be enough sheep to do it.

    I think LONG time (20-30 + years) rural alaskans should have HIGH priority to these hunts and the drawings should not be equal chance.

    And I live in anchorage but am from way out in the valley and it gets old having entire areas saturated with hunters. I know this is an offensive post but its highly irresponsible game management when the fish and game issues all these cow tags to people from anchorage, its poor game management. Just becuase someone has been here for an after noon does not mean they should have full hunting rights.


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