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Thread: Black Bear off of Steese

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    Anyone have any luck hunting Black Bear off of Steese in the burn areas. Spent an entire day glassing the burns along the highway and some in the recreation area and Nome Creek Valley. No bears, and not even a moose. Maybe I didn't do a very good job or spend enough time in one place. Did the fires kill off and displace most of the wildlife? I'm looking to spot and stalk bears, and or make a tall shot. Baiting doesn't turn me on much, and I like the open country. If anyone has any advice or ideas that would be awesome.

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    In those burn areas, you need to look for bears close to the thickest areas they can dash into and hide. Don't look for them in a vast, open place, as they need to have either an escape route, such as a wash, or stay close to the thick unburnt brushy areas.
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