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    Hey guys-

    I'm looking at buying a project airplane, and one of the main concerns for me is/was the motor.

    The motor is a GO-480, total overhaul in 1980 - have all the logs and documentation.

    The motor was hung on the airplane in 1980, with a NEW prop. The plane was flown from Anchorage to Fairbanks, parked in a heated hanger and then the airplane (not the motor and the motor was not removed from airframe) was taken apart for a restore.

    Over the 35 years of sitting, the plane has since not been finished and now the entire project is for sale.

    I flew up to Fairbanks to take a look at this project and had a mechanic borescope the motor. We discovered some rust/corrosion on the top 1" of the cylinder walls and that was pretty much all we could see. The plugs were removed, and the prop was able to turn full revolutions without any noticeable resistance.

    Obviously this is all speculation without seeing the motor in pieces but any discussions/thoughts/feelings on what I might be looking at?


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    A Helio? Cool airplanes. I wouldn't want a GO-480 but some guys love them. I'd be asking somebody that knows about what happens to a gear reduction that sits for 35 years. Isn't that where the big money goes for overhaul? And with any Lycoming that's sat I'd want to pull a couple of cylinders to look at the cam.

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    If you have not talked to Bob Desrosier at Wright's there in Fairbanks, you should. He knows those engines inside and out.

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    That's who did the borescope I knew they have helios running that same GO-480. Very knowledgeable about it!

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    Sorry, I meant Helicopters (Helo's), not Helios.

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    There you go. I would run with Bob's recommendation(s).


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