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    Alaska Rifle Club sponsors events for shooting black powder target rifles, high power rifle events out to 600 yards, .22 long rifle events 40 meters to 200 meters, center fire and rim fire schuetzen matches and vintage arms matches. If you have a rifle the club probably has an event for you. There are events throughout the year, but most events occur in late spring and summer. The events occur at Ft Richardson and Birchwood Range and shooting park. Check out the web site:
    Spectators welcome.

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    I'm prior military. What seems like many years ago. It's been years since I've looked through a scope. I just recently started upgrading the rifle I have and look to get back into it.
    I'd like to talk to someone from this club. The website to me didn't have a number or point of contact.

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    Open the club web site. Open the 2014 schedule. At the bottom of the page is a list of those to contact for the discipline that you will be interested in.


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