Got out Sunday. Managed three solid takedowns, and I skewered a 2 or 3 pounder through the eyes so I kept it.

So maybe the veterans can help me out here. I had a strike in front of the condos that I had never seen anything like it before. I am trolling with 16 oz of lead, a flasher and spoon. So the line is abut at a 45 deg angle. In 60 ft of water (so I know its not the bottom) my rod starts going crazy. I look down and the line is directly below my kayak despite the fact I am still pedaling. The rod goes from fully extended like no weight to doubled over into the water straight down three times. Just straight up and down with the rod tip. I grab the rod and nothing. I almost think I hit a bird on my line or something. It was crazy.

Well its a dinker but it's a king in January! Had one other really good takedown. Best thing was ZERO pollock but still seemed to be plentiful bait on the sonar. That runs my consecutive kings off a kayak streak from Sept to January...5 months! I wonder if I can keep it going? lol.

Beautiful weather! I was roasting hot all day. January?!?! Who would have thought....

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