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Thread: Turnagin Arm Fishing?

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    Default Turnagin Arm Fishing?

    I looked in the regulation book and didn't see anything about it being illegal to fish in the Turnagin Arm... If you were to cast some bait out there or a spinner, would you catch anything? If you were not targeting any specific species, would you likely still pull in something? I wonder that every time I drive by...

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    In late august there would be a pretty good chance you'd get a silver
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    I've caught silvers out there.... can't remember if it is before or after Girdwood, but it seems it is between Girdwood and the Portage cutoff. There was a stream that ran under the RR tracks and the highway.

    I used Krocodiles and Vibrax and tried to fish through the clear water/brown water line.

    You don't have too much depth there. But, I did catch a couple silvers there one day when I was returning from Seward.


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