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Thread: ProGrade Ammo at Sportsmans

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    Default ProGrade Ammo at Sportsmans

    Anybody shoot this brand? I was at Sportsmans yesterday killing time and noticed a fair amount of this on the shelves. They had 375 H&H in 235 grain TSX. Never heard of Prograde before. It was about half the price of the Barnes I shoot although that doesn't mean much. If anything it could mean the guys loading it have low overhead etc..

    Just curious if anyone ran some of these down the barrel.

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    I bought 300 WM 185 prograde. Had 3 misfires in one box. Dented the primer just fine but didn't go. The others shot fine. Accuracy was sufficient.

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    I leave it for the pro's.
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    Will that pretty much caps it for me on that one.. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvarmit View Post
    ProGrade Ammo
    Reminiscent of "Contractor Grade" tools.
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