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Thread: Tractor/boat launch in Seward

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    Default Tractor/boat launch in Seward

    Hi folks, I heard from a friend that there is a small tractor launch/boat launch just outside Seward; he said to drive thru town and it's out past the edge of town. Can anyone confirm this?
    Reason I'm asking is we like to fish Fox Island, but have downgraded in boats to better fish the Kenai river (now have 16' jonboat w/25). He said if we launch outside of town (away from town; closer to the head of the bay) we could basically end up putting in across from Fox Island and avoid the 8 mile run (each way) from the harbor, and be able to get to shelter quickly if the weather kicks up.

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    There is a launch out there at that campground that I have never actually seen used and a tractor. The water is pretty shallow and that is probably why they have the tractor. It will save you a couple of miles but there is still alot of water to get to Fox Island with no real shelter in between. I wouldn't take my 15' Klamath out there when I had it but that's just me. You would be looking at saving 2.5 miles each way and you still have 10 miles to get to the closest part of Fox Island. I have been in 6 footers on the backside of Fox and wished I wasn't there.

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    Plus, unless Miller's has changed, they will push your boat in the water when THEY are good and ready. They're nice enough people, but customer service is not one of their strong suits.


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