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Thread: 26' Hewescraft Alaskan with twin 115's

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    Default 26' Hewescraft Alaskan with twin 115's

    I am looking for advice on props for my boat and wanted to see what others are running.
    I am running aluminum 13 1/4 X 17 props and spend a lot of my time out in the Sound.
    I am also looking at hunting the Koyukuk this fall so I am also looking for props that will work good for that run.
    We will be loaded heavy with fuel and hopfully Moose if we are lucky.

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    What pitch are your spare props?
    If the 17's do fine across the board in the sound (loaded & full fuel) and you can get into the recommended rpm range, why not stick with the same?
    Otherwise look into a set of 4 blade aluminum, given the river current maybe 15" pitch props. Both the Honda & Yamaha shop here in Homer have let me try props before buying. Can't imagine other shops not doing the same.
    If you're gonna buy another set, I'd go for the 4 blade models, take em on the trip, run the 17's you have now (if aluminum) on the hunt trip and if you hit something or just need more torque running against the current, then swap em out.
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    My spares are the same as my props I am running. 13 1/4 X 17
    I will be loaded a lot heavier on the river than I ever run out in the ocean. I will be hauling and extra 120gal of gas and on the trip back we may be hauling two moose.
    I get 6000rpm at WOT with the set up I have but just wanted to see what anyone else with a boat like mine is running.
    Are you running a 26' Hewes?

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    Determining if your boat is under or over propped should be one of the first things any new boat owner should do. I your over propped (too much pitch), youíre lugging the engine through the entire RPM band; not good!!!. If your under propped (too little pitch), thatís ok as long as you donít over rev the motor but fuel economy will suffersomewhat.

    Instead of me rambling on check out this link, it gives a good example of how to check your boats prop performance and suggests ways to best determine what prop will be best for your particular boat.

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    Thanks guys, I may try out the 4 blade aluminum props this summer and see how they preform.


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