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    Just got back. Two of us took our limit in about 4-5hrs on the river by boat at the S. boundry on the E. Side.. Seems to slow way down when there are more than three boats running the race track.. Talked to several dippers from the bank that seemed to be doing well as well but was slower action than from the boats..
    Got to the bridge at Chitina and talked to a guy on another boat who said he saw a 4-wheeler go into the drink.. He was pretty vaque.
    Anyway, talked to the lady at the store on the way out and she said that "yes" some guy was trying to cross one of the slides on the road below O'brien Ck. and rolled his 4-wheeler which went into the river (lost) and he broke his leg..
    That's all I know. Does anyone know anything else.. A friend of mine wanted to take his KingQuad down and try it.
    On a side bar, I did see head-lights from a fourwheeler on the road Thur. night just below the canyon and past the tunnel so someone made it through.. Maybe it was the same guy that lost his rig in the river on the return trip?

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    We were dropped off almost all the way down the canyon and I coudl see folks on wheelers above the fisherman on the opposite side, so some made it thru. There were ALOT of wheelers in the parking lot and saw many head up the trail. They have got to be getting thru. I was just surprised to see them make it so far down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnman View Post
    Seems to slow way down when there are more than three boats running the race track..
    Its always been like that in that hole, Normally we will sit back and eat and watch all the boats make their runs. Eventually they get tired and quit, after about 30 min the fish will start running shallower and it takes about an hour or so of drifting to limit out. The funny thing is that about the time we limit out someone notices the fish are running and the armada of boats come back and chase the fish out to the deeper water.
    Also when the water is high enough to cover the entire sandbar on that side the kings like to rest behind the big rock point on the upstream end.


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