I used venison but any game meat will work. Im evaluating the Old Style Breakfast Sausage seasoning from Frisco Spices. http://www.friscospices.com/default.aspx While The packet will season 25 pounds of straight pork, Im using a venison pork mix.

While the packet suggests 5 pounds of pork jowl and 20 pounds of venison, I like mine a little fattier. (It is breakfast sausage after all) and the pork adds moisture and flavor. Its really up to you and your tastes.

I ground the two meats together through a 3/8th plate and then mixed the seasoning packet with 2 cups of cold water to help distribute the spices more evenly.

Then the meat, spices and water got a spin in the mixer.

The next step after mixing is to grind the meat again through a finer plate. This time its an 1/8th inch plate.

The meat can be stuffed in casings to make links or bulk packed and the tubes sliced to make patties. Im bulk packing this batch.

After a night in the freezer I take a tube out to slice and fry to check out the grind and the flavoring (and to have breakfast)

Im please with the flavor of the Frisco Spices breakfast sausage. If I were to change anything for the next batch it would be to add a bit of crushed red pepper flakes since I like a little heat in my breakfast sausage.

If your looking for a new way to use your venison trim, this breakfast sausage seasoning is an easy choice.