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    This is how I like to set for muskrat. 110 in the run up to their pushup. Works pretty well, was four for ten tonight.

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    Nice! Reminds me of when I was a kid, muskrat trapping was easy and so fun. We used leg holds in the feed huts.
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    I tried leg holds but they froze up too easy, never was able to catch them.

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    Nice, hard to beat a 110 - easy to set, light to carry a bunch and deadly... I found it interesting how many I could catch setting them on deep runs - the muddy ditches I trapped were easy to see the disturbances on the bottom where they would swim along and use their feet to grab the bottom to help propel them along. Took me a few seasons to recognize these cleared spots and set them as the seemed to open and deep - but boy are they effective!
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