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Thread: 40 Mile herd update

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    Default 40 Mile herd update

    I plan to head up to hunt RC867 the end of this week. I hope someone is willing to shoot me a PM or post where the herd is now and if they are in one of the closed sections where else would I have a good chance? Thanks in advance.
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    Where are you heading "up" to? Call Tok F&G office. The woman who often answers the phone is very helpful. I spoke to her today. Taylor Hiway area has produced NO bou I believe. Might even move the zone 3 quota in to the zone 1 quota.
    If your heading "up" to the Fbks area, then you have your choice of hunting off the Steese or the Chena Hot Springs road. You will need a snogo for either place to access bou.
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    My wife & I hunted the opener of the Winter hunt on the Steese.

    WOW was that a blast .

    We saw about 2000 ( Yes that is 2 Thousand head).

    We shot 2 Nice bulls & it seemed that Everyone we saw also had a Bou down.

    We saw a BUNCH of caribou heading south towards Birch creek but there was PLENTY still on the North side when we left.

    Better check to see Where the Boundaries are for the Closure on the 40 Mile Hot line.

    The BLM Cop was checking Everybody & the Troopers were around talking to people too.

    There wasn't as much snow as what you would expect & people were tearing up snow machines on rocks.

    We had Tracks on or ATV. Went GREAT.

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