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    We put in quite a few days out in Minto this year. The moose don't seem to be in their normal areas due to the high water from this summer. We finally found areas with lots of sign, so we focused our time there. It took 10 days in the field before we even saw a moose. The first trip we spent three days, second trip was two days then we just did day trips. We saw four moose on the 21st, and finally found a cow that stuck around long enough to put a stalk on it. One shot put her down. We got her butchered up on Monday night, then on Saturday we headed back out.

    We had a plan to circle a lake and come back to it, since we noticed a couple of sets of moose tracks the week before using this area as an escape route to the snowmachine noise. My brother and another buddy set up by the lake, and I ran the snowmachine along our trail from the previous week to see if I could find tracks or a moose. As soon as I rounded back to the lake, I noticed a large cow trotting right towards my brother along the same route as we saw the week before. I turned off the machine and the moose stopped. I hopped off, jacked a round and ended up with 150 yard shot with the .243. First shot was in the lungs, and she ran back around 10 yards and stopped. I put another round in her that put her straight down. My brother saw the moose headed his direction, but the wind was wrong for him which I think held her up from getting closer to him. I was getting discouraged circling the area because I didn't see any fresh sign. We had her in the sled by 11:30am, and decided to head to another area to hunt, but didn't see any more moose that day. We did see a couple sets of fresh tracks, and some fresh wolf tracks as well.

    As of the 24th, only 22 moose had been taken in 2&1/2 months for the hunt. When we got back to the truck on Saturday afternoon, there were about 15 other people up there and we had the only moose. Amazing how easy this hunt was last year, compared to the lack of success this year.

    Nice to finally have some meat in the freezer. Had tenderloin and potato's last night. We also made a bunch of bacon burger out of the moose which is fabulous! I skinned both moose out like bear rugs, with all the parts in case a furbuyer is looking for moose hides for a full body mount.

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    Wow, 10 days is a lot of country. Way to keep at it and fill the freezer.
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    Do you spend much time in there in the fall? I am going on a trip to hunt moose at Minto this fall with my uncle. Plan to use a bow. Only looking to catch one moose.

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    No, we only do the winter hunt in Minto if we haven't tagged a moose during the regular season. We hunt elsewhere in unit 20 during the fall. I'd always thought about checking that country out in the fall, but if I do, I'll probably go duck hunting and have a moose tag along in case a bull wanders by. We have had to rely on the registration cow hunts the last couple of years as we've been working and learning some new areas after getting crowded out of our old spots.

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    33 taken, It closes on Jan 2, 11:59 PM

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    And this just showed up, stay safe.
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    Sounds like the guy did the right thing.

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    We had to navigate some overflow in early December, it wasn't much fun. Got into it and couldn't turn around to get back out. Ended up about 7-8" deep with a 1" frozen top layer. Finally powered through it and got out of the creek. We tried to stay off the creeks as much as possible, but the lakes seemed to have a couple of feet of ice on them already. Glad all the folks that had problems got home safe.


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