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Thread: How to Make Deshka Kings Bite?

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    Question How to Make Deshka Kings Bite?

    Went to Deshka on 6/13 & 6/14. Fished non stop for nearly 24 hours. mostly at hole just above slough just above "silver salmon" (i.e. spot with outhouse across from overgrown campground. Saw tons of fish jumping on 6/13 not many on 6/14. Tried fishing mostly from the shore with green/orange/yellow wiggle warts, eggs on bottom, eggs on corky 18 inches above bottom, eggs floated below bobber 2 feet below surface. Various color spinners ,kwikfish etc...... Most people saying "fish not biting". I caught one on orange wiggle wart, but given how many fish were there on 6/13 if you could figure out how to make them bite you could have caught two dozen! Any suggestions? I don't fish the mouth because it is too crowded and don't like sitting in the boat for hours on end.....I assume low warm water put off the bite but don't know because everytime I have gone it has been low warm water. Also heard of a slough near gravel bar on Big Su 1/2 mile downstream from Deshka mouth that was roiling with salmon. Anybody ever fish there?

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    General rule for the Deshka is fish whenever the sun isn't shining, especially when the water is low. Early morning is usually best. On sunny days the places where the deepest channel is shaded by the trees are the places to concentrate.

    You're doing what most guys do--change lures and bait to find what works. Other than that I can only suggest being careful about scent control. While some guys are fanatical about it, I focus on keeping my bait and plugs away from gas and oil. I also carry a little bottle of scent free soap and a tooth brush. If I drop a lure or plug in the bilges then it gets a little scrub before it goes back in the water.

    Final thought--Kings are not usually aggressive biters to begin with so be patient.

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    Fishing was absolutely lousy today as well. Erik pretty much summed it up for you. Hot clear weather and warm low water makes for lousy fishing. As soon as it cools off a bit and clouds up they seem to make a mad dash. I thought with the storm and clouds that rolled through last night it might help but we didn't have any luck either. That's fishing, especially on the Deshka imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titobandito View Post
    Tried fishing mostly from the shore with green/orange/yellow wiggle warts, eggs on bottom, eggs on corky 18 inches above bottom, eggs floated below bobber 2 feet below surface

    Just as a rule of thumb for kings... if you ain't on the bottom, you ain't fishin'

    Bobber and eggs is THE ideal presentation for the low clear conditions you have described (next best thing would be a bobber and marabou/bunny jig). But you gotta get the goods within a foot of the bottom if you expect to have any success.

    Check out this thread for a rudimentary primer on bobber fishing for salmon:

    Read the whole thread if you really wanna build some confidence in the technique.
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