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Thread: Who knows a thing about Cushman Tracksters?

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    Default Who knows a thing about Cushman Tracksters?

    Well, there is one green "frog" sitting in my garage, currently supported by jack stands. Some unnamed child that I once claimed got a wild hair, bought one, and decided December is a good time to tear it down and work on it. Oh joy! No, that is not his name, especially right now since his mother's car sits outside in the cold.
    We've done quite a bit of research on how to maintain and/or make this gem a bit better. First is all new bearings in the bogey/idler wheels as most of the existing ones appear to be OEM and rough. So lots of time looking, and he ends up ordering them from one of the first places he spoke to when he started out. We've already started pressing out bearings, and have only messed up one of the bearing frames. Was there any place in AK that had parts we missed?
    He'll need to change out a few of the idlers as they have at least one edge broken. For those of you that have experience, any input on UHMW rollers? I'm a UHMW fan, but am not seeing the pay off over the aluminum wheels.
    And the noise! Holy Moly! I found an old US Forest service PDF describing the use of these fine machines, and they demand the use of hearing protection. Talk about a pain! It is a 2 cylinder chainsaw for all intents and purposes. One w/ the mufflers blown. So, keeping the same OMC 2-stroke 2-cylinder horizontally opposed engine, how do you make them quiet? Or at least quieter. He is looking at insulation blankets for the cowlings and covers. He also looked at muffler wrap. Pretty expensive stuff. Has anybody found any luck in aftermarket mufflers, and if so, what were they? I hear that trying to muffle a 2-stroke too much can cause issues, but don't know how true that is. I'm not trying to make it 4-stroke quiet, but snowmachine quiet would be ok by me.
    Tracks? His are rotten. Pretty much I'm not going further than I can walk back to the starting point, because I assume I'd be doing exactly that. I've seen a couple of options, but wondering again if there is something in State that I'm missing.
    I know there are guys out there that love these old beasts. They retrofit w/ 4-strokes, but after market tracks on, do all sorts of cool things. Any guidance, other than divorcing that boy, which mom won't approve, would be helpful.

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    Default Cushman Tracksters

    AK River Rat.
    I do not know anything about these machines , but I have a friend that is rebuilding one. and I have been his computer resource for searching. Attached is a picture on the new current unit.?? It shows a dealer for Alaska, but do not know if it is current. We have not had any luck getting replies to our request for information.
    I am having trouble sending files on this forum, (to large), if you care to PM me your eMail address, I will send you what I have.

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