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Thread: caught with our pants down!

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    Default caught with our pants down!

    Rarely do we get spooled by kings this time of year, but we were close to being spooled today! The 5/0 owner hook bent and the big one got away! after landing a 12 pounder and losing a 30 plus at the boat the next hit we figured was another 30 something. It thumped and thumped the herring trolled at 35ft and went strait down to the bottom which was only 50ft and then ran towards shore. the drag was tight and the beast kept going at a steady clip as we prepared to chase this guy the line went limp! @#$%@#$%#^%$
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    The 5/0 owner hook bent....
    Wow! Never bent an Owner hook. That would have broken my heart!

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