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Thread: Looking for a river and a air service or someone else with a plane to do a float hunt

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    Default Looking for a river and a air service or someone else with a plane to do a float hunt

    Hello I am looking to take my stepfather on a float hunt and we have a cub but as you know we need to be picked up or dropped off. Anyone else want to buddy up and fly out that has a plane or wants to split air service for one flight? I am a well accomplished hunter and was born and raised in AK but have never hunted brooks range for a float hunt. Any advice on a good river to float for multiple species or any not to float would be participated.

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    Why not just use your plane to establish a drop camp along any of the rivers in the Brooks? The beauty of float hunting is it allows you to change locations. However, that comes with the hassle of breaking down camp and floating which, while still "hunting" is not as effective as glassing IMO. A plane also gives you the ability to move albeit with the same day airborne restriction.

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    I think you have hit that ball into may field!

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    Drop me a line. I would be happy to discuss this with you!


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