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Thread: Erratic trim meter

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    Angry Erratic trim meter

    The motor has 35 hrs. and it worked great until two days ago. The meter jumps erratically, and actually fell to the pegged "down" position the whole time I was out today. It continues to go to the "up" position when the power is off, which I believe is normal. Back at the dock, with no other electrical device running, not even the motor, the needle hopped all over the place. Any ideas of what to look for? I have done the obvious -- check connections, etc. Thanks for any assistance...

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    Default Try the sending unit

    Do you have a O/B or I/O?
    I had a Volvo Penta I/O and the sending unit went bad. The Volvo sending unit is a black oval looking thing near rear transom and is partially hidden when the O/D is down. There are leads that go through the transom to a "black box" usually located on the inside transom. There are checks you can make with an ohm-meter but you need the shop manual to tell you what leads to test between and what the resistance values are supposed to be. If you have to replace the unit, have a mechanic do it. I was working by myself and it took me nearly a full day to fish those leads through the transom mainly due to the lack of space between the Inboard engine's bellhousing and the transom.


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