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Thread: 60/40 merc fuel consumption

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    Default 60/40 merc fuel consumption

    I just replaced my old 40/28 Yamaha with a new 60/40 merc 4 stroke this fall. I have been able to get some hrs on it but have been limited on making and long runs or hauling any weight. From the few shorter runs I seem to be getting between 7-8 mpg and under 4gph. Does that sound about right to you guys? I am trying to get a trip planned for spring which will be 150+ miles round trip.

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    hi db
    ..yes, that sounds about
    60/40merc efi 2008 got about 5 gallons
    per hr pushing my 18 foot alumarine rivit boat.
    ..2 guys and fishing gear, cruising at 19-21 mph on step....

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