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Thread: Current pictures around the Wooldridge shop

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    Default Current pictures around the Wooldridge shop

    We’ll be periodically taking pictures of different projects in our shop to show what's going on. Glen

    Here’s three pilots. The center one has one of the new Evinrude G2’s on it.

    Here’s and Alaskan XL with dual side trays.

    Out in the shop we are building a 24’ Super Sport Offshore Cuddy.

    In the back room we have a 20’ Sport Offshore with a 29’ Pilot behind it.

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    Here's a 20' Alaskan XL with a number of custom features. Glen

    Powered with a 250hp Yamaha. The 250 horse motors all have a lot of power. This one is using the new 7 7/8" impeller. It's a big improvement over the 7 5/8" with this size engine.

    The custom depth finder location will have a removable locking lid.

    Lots of toys on the dash.

    Optional dual rod trays with under gunnel lighting.

    Additional under the floor locking rod storage. When completed, will have saddles for holding the rod butts.

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    Here's six outboard jet boats ready to be delivered, all going different directions, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Alaska and overseas. Glen

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    A behind the scenes shot of an Alaskan XL on the CAD computer.

    Grant Wooldridge
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    Keith is 6’6” and both his sons are tall. We custom built the cabin on his 26’ Pilot for their height. His brother has a company that does Van conversion, from camping to wind surfing. (Van Specialties in Portland) who did this beautiful interior. Glen

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    This is a 23’ pilot with a 200HO G2 Evinrude. Features/ options on this boat are additional transom storage, 50 gallon transom sink, Miller Marine fish cleaning station (, custom wrap-around rails, triple downrigger mounts, LINE-X floors and socket for a crab/ shrimp pot davit and double rod trays. Glen

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    These three boats left recently, heading down to the Portland Boat Show and are being shown at the Portland Marine Electronics booth.
    They are a 20' Alaskan XL Sportjet, a 17' Alaskan Console model and a 26' Pilothouse.
    If you have any questions about these boats, give Portland Marine Electronics a call (503) 922-3259.

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    Here's some pictures of a 20' Sport Offshore with a bracket that's going to Burkeshore Marine in Big Lake. Glen

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    This is a 20’ XL that is loaded, loaded, loaded with options.
    Grant just ran it over at the lake. (Every boat we put power on, we test on the water.) It will be in the Puyallup Sportsman Show January 21st -25th. Glen

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    This is a 24’ Super Sport Offshore with a cuddy. Work is in progress. Glen

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    Here's a couple of boats that are heading east.
    One is a 17' Alaskan and the other is a 20' Alaskan XL powered with a Yamaha 250hp VMAX SHO outboard and a 9.9 kicker. W/B

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    We are setting up boats, getting ready for the Washington Sportsmen's Show at the Puyallup Fairgrounds this week.
    The show runs from Wednesday, January 21st - Sunday the 25th.
    We will be sharing the space with Portland Marine Electronics.
    Stop by, say hi and check out some nice new boats! W/B

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    Here's a 25’ Super Sport Drifter with a 7’ bottom, 8 ˝’ beam. It's going to have a 370hp Yanmar 8LV and a 213 Hamilton installed and will be going to Palmer Alaska.

    The 17’ Alaskan is going to Burkeshore Marine in Big Lake Alaska. Glen

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    Take a look inside the custom built 23' Pilothouse and 17' Alaskan at the WEST COAST MARINE booth (Our dealer from Bellingham, WA) during The Seattle Boat Show.
    The show starts today/Friday and runs through next Saturday, January 31st. W/B

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    Here's a Yanmar 8LV diesel engine w/ 370hp that just showed up. It's waiting for the boat to be finished, which is a 25' Super Sport Drifter. The engine will be spinning a nice Hamilton 213 jet. W/B

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    My friend Dennis is in his 70's. I first met him in 1975, when he came in and ordered a boat. We have been friends ever since. He stopped by the boat shop yesterday. Here are a couple pictures of his car.

    This just hits me as so comical. This car has 662 HP from the factory! Check out the tag hanging on the rear view mirror. Glen

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    Our dealer in Idaho Falls ID, River Rat, just picked up three more boats. Glen

    This one is a 20' Alaskan XL. The two in front are Alaskans.

    View of the 20' Alaskan XL transom. Note the jet tunnel, extended bottom trim plate and welded transducer bracket.

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    Two boats in rigging. Both with 200 Yamaha's. A single 200 on the 24' Cuddy and twins on the 29' Pilot. Glen

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    We are working on a 23' XP, 7' bottom, rear helm, custom made for Bethel, AK. Glen

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    Here's a High-Sides 23' Super Sport Drifter outboard that's going to The Boat Shop in Fairbanks. Glen

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