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Thread: Historic Wooldridge Pictures

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    In 1983 Gordon came through the doors of Wooldridge Boats,and bought a Classic Inboard Jet boat from Glen. 34 years later he came back, it was time for anextensive refit. But Gordon was firm onthe fact that he wasn’t yet ready to let his beloved boat go! So after much deliberation it was decidedthat the Chevy 6.2 DI engine with the Hamilton 212 jet would be the way to go. After the many upgrades he now has a boatthat is performing better than the day it was new. It’s always encouraging to see a customer’senthusiasm for their boat still burning strong over 30 years later.

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    You could own your own piece of history. Here is a 1976 23’ Wooldridge built by my uncle Bruce after my Grandfather retired, My Uncle Bruce and my cousins continued to build boats in Grants Pass with his sons, While my dad Bob set up the boat building operation here in Seattle. This Classic Wooldridge 23’ Welded hull is powered by twin Mercury 115HP Jets. The boat is a true barn find, the boat is said to be in excellent running condition. He is asking $10k. If you have any interest in this boat, call Joe at (479) 866-4342. The boat is currently in Arkansas. This boat is similar to the one my uncle Bruce built for grandpa to run Hells Gate on the Fraser in 1975.

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    Bob Wooldridge back in the 80’s in a motor forward centerconsole Fishing Machine.

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    Cool old photo from the late 70's of the old factory with boats in various stages of completion. Boat is a Classic with low sides, behind that a classic with high sides, way in the back of the photo is a custom workboat. Neat snapshot!

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    Bob Wooldridge celebrated his 93rd birthday thisweek!
    He was instrumental in moving the company to Seattle back in1973 from Grants Pass, OR. Bob still driveshimself to the shop where he makes the rounds checking in with the crew.

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    Happy Birthday Mr Wooldridge!
    Many more too....

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    Photograph from the book: The Rouge, A River to Run.

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    Bob an Glen running the Skykomish River in a very early tunneled Wooldridge Plus Boat, powered by a 80hp Mariner outboard.

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    Glen Wooldridge guiding a trip down the Rogue River. Over time he had the chance to take many celebrities and presidents down rivers. This trip it was Truman Bradley. Truman stared in many movies of the day, but his radio announcing is probably what he is best known for. The Frank Sinatra Show, The Red Skelton Program and The Burns and Allen Show, to name a few. Also notice the camera mounted on the bow, possibly the first selfie captured on film! Ok, maybe not.

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    Photo from the early days of Wooldridge Boats and Glen Sr. Running up the Rogue River. Those were some days!

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    Glen Wooldridge and Charley Foster during a shakedown run on the Rogue in 1947 in preparation for the 1948 trip up the Salmon River. We grow accustomed to the feat, and I think in many ways we lose the sense of amazement of what these folks were doing back then. There were no handheld radios or cellphones to call for help when you banged your prop or punched a hole in the hull of your wooden boat. No, you relied on your skills, your knowledge of the river and the good Lord seeing you through! Yeah, those were the days!

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    Glen getting a congratulatory handshake in Salmon City after completing his 1948 run up the Salmon River.

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    Some great pics Glen, thanks for taking the time to share.
    “Nothing worth doing is easy”

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    This boat is 1 of 2 Custom Classics built in the early 80’s forlongline Halibut fishing. Powered by twin4-cyl Mercury 470 I/O engines these 25’ long 9’ beam boats were true workhorses! Check that load of fish in thelast picture!

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    Glen Wooldridge and Hugh Brown running on the Rogue in thelate 1940’s. Hugh owned a lumber mill inthe Apple Gate Valley. From time to timehe would get a spruce tree in at the mill and he would call up Glen. Glen liked the durability of Spruce and wouldhave those milled into 3/4” thick planks to cover the plywood hull for extraprotection! Think of it as the 1940’s version of UHMW! Ha! Boat was powered by a 33hp Evinrude.

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    That is still a sweet boat!

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    Super cool old Mercury print ad from 1951 after Glen Sr. ran the Rogue River. Classic stuff!

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    Glen wasn’t only a good boatman, he knew how to cook up a tastymess of vittles for his crew! Who wouldn’tlove a river boat trip by day, stakes by the fire by night! That’s real liven for sure! This photo looks to be taken in the summer of 1969.

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    Glen Sr during his historic running of the Salmon River.

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    Here at Wooldridge Boats we’ve been putting smiles on peoples faces for over 100 years and counting! Stumbled across this old picture from back in the day.

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