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Thread: Photos with Wooldridge Boats

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    Default Photos with Wooldridge Boats

    This sticky is for WOOLDRIDGE BOAT photos

    Forum community, we invite you to share your photos in this thread.

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    Default Blood Sport

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    When the HOGS show up, somethins gonna DIE!!!
    Blood Sport
    32' Custom Wooldridge
    MMSI #: 338181573

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    This is now my favorite thread! We'll be adding an Alaskan XL to the family in a 2015 so I'll be sure to post a few pics when the time comes. Stanly, so happy the build turned out so well for you. She's a beauty!


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    Here are some pictures from our customer named Montana who lives in Ohio.

    A good 2 days of gunningon Lake Erie, hunting these areas 6 to 15 mile runs is what I had in mind for this boat. It is working perfect and getting a work out. By the way, the weather blew a little harder than predicted and I'm very happy I had this boat and we where in it to make the 14 mile run back in in some nasty weather, still lovin it!
    Thanks as always

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    Here are the two Wooly's in our family!

    23' Super Sport Drifter, 6.0liter and Hamilton 212
    32' Super Sport Pilot House, twin 225 Yamahas

    EvanJump.jpgRunning 1.JPG

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    This is our customer Ty with a "Laker" from northern Idaho. He has a 26' Pilot w/ 250hp & 10hp Honda's. W/B

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    Kevin sent us this compilation of a number of days on the water with a number of friends fishing in his 23' Pilot (w/ bracket 25'). Glen

    Click this link.

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    Here's a couple pics that John from California sent us. His Rockfish came from a recent fishing trip around Santa Rosa. Glen

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    Fueling and burning it
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    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming-----WOW-----what a ride!
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    This is Wally and Donovan fishing on Christmas day out of Wally’s 20’ Alaskan XL. What a nice, sunny day to catch some chrome! Glen
    P.S. Notice the L.E.D. light bar recessed in the bow.

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    Default first Wooldridge

    1981 22 classic deeper v with a 3 stage and a 351 ford.

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    Default 2nd Wooldridge

    Got hooked on the new style era 1983 2 piece windshield 21 ft classic a co worker had, I spent a month on the Deshka building a log place with him one summer.
    I got to drive it a lot hauling lumber down from the old landing on the Kashwitna river, so we"me and my dad" he put up the $$$$$$ and I got to wash/ shine/ drive it most of the time!!!!!!!!!! Ordered a new 24ft classic 460 ford Hamilton 1031 jet 160 gallon fuel tanks, boat was built for Koyukuk trips as well.

    That 1983 21ft classic is still on the water up in Fairbanks with a friend and my coworker has since retired and spends the summer at his place on the Deshka with his 18 extra plus Wooldridge.

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    One of our best trips, the year of the high water on the Koyukuk, we had to move camp up river just to find a dry spot to set up the wall tents. Still managed a 71,68,66,58 and one wolf.

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    Retirement came for my dad so time to step up to a new boat for me, 23ft sport Drifter, great boat used it on the rivers as well as PWS 2nd pic is up the Coghill river.

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    My father n laws 24 Classic deeper V

    He moved on to a 25ft Deep Water model and then a 27 Pilot house.

    This 27 pilot house is forum member Brian (BK's) boat now.

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    Been fortunate enough to have some friends with river boats and Saltwater model Wooldridges!!!

    My old blue drifter 212/ 496 and my buddies 22 classic Deeper V 454/3 stage , I think A forum member has the red one now and the blue Drifter is up in Fairbanks.

    Can't tell this guy is a retired AK air pilot?

    26 pilot and a 29

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    Talking The Fishing Machine

    My third Wooldridge; 20' XLSJ, first class product, first class service.

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    More friends boats.

    The first 23 pilothouse I got to fish from.

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    my buddies 22 wide body classic 350/212

    23 super sport drifter 6.0/212 Jeff wanted a hard top this one came out nice.

    My last Wooldridge 23 super sport drifter 496/212

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    my son with his new boat right before sides are to be tacked on (not really a broncos fan just likes there orange jersey)Attachment 82663

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