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    I know this is a contentious topic because of the federal decisions recently . This is small time commercial longlining and was taken back before the Feds were causing problems. I'm not trying to cause issues so please don't stir the pot but I figured most of you guys would enjoy this anyway. I went Halibut long lining with a friend in early april. we even had icicles on our reel, I turned the reel so they would stick strait up in the air. Anyway, this is a really cool fishing video, saw a whole bunch or porpoises and caught a bunch of halibut. The weather was beautiful so was the scenery! Enjoy!

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    Great video thanks for sharing.

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    Brian is as good of a guy as they come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodiak kid View Post
    Brian is as good of a guy as they come.
    I felt like I was being paid to be mentored! It was pretty awesome. I've fished with quite a few people, and its rare to have commercial fishing 100% family friendly like this video


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