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Thread: Seward Halibut and Silvers

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    Default Seward Halibut and Silvers

    I will be launching at Seward on July 1st for my first over night cruise. We are planning on fishing the area around Two Arm Bay, Cloudy Cape and Black Bay. Any help on general areas and depths for Halibut would be appreciated. I am also aware of most of the hot silver spots in the bay but wondered if there were any areas out there like Pony Cove, or Chevel narrows where the silvers tend to hold. Any help or advice on the area would be appreciated.

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    Thumbs up Simply put, Yes!

    If the past few years can provide any sort of reliance, Pony cove should be red hot the first week of July.

    I was out there 2 years ago and limited the boat (7 of us) in 45 minutes . . . On two occasions, every pole in the water was hooked up! Can you say pandemonium (sp?)

    -- Gambler


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