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Thread: Shrimp Reel

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    Default Shrimp Reel

    I'm using the ACE pot puller to bring in my shrimp pots and re-spooling the line back onto the spool is a little chore. I noticed at BJ's they are selling a aluminum contraption to re-spool the shrimp line. It costs around $100 for contraption and then $50 for each additional spool. Has anyone used this system or is there a better mouse trap?


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    Default Bucket for line

    I throw away the spool and use a 5 gallon plastic bucket. I also have the ace puller. By rigging the line on the puller so that you are pulling down off of the big stainless wheel, you can easily coil the incoming line into the bucket at your own pace.
    I drilled several holes in bucket bottom for drainage and this also allows you to rinse off line in bucket when you get home. (if you do rinse your line with freshwater). Pot buoy goes on top of line in bucket if its not too big.
    Buckets store easily on boat. You can also use a cheap plastic laundry basket in place of the bucket. These are even easier to coil line, just take up a little more deck space.

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    Default Shrimp pot line

    The bucket idea works fine, I just increased the capacity. I have some deck space so I took a 35 gal rubbermaid garbage barrel, drilled holes in the bottom and now store and feed out my shrimp line from it. No fouling or knots and is quick. One trick is to tie a small stick to the end so when you go to drop the pots again it is easy to find the line end. I can store (5) 600' lines with no problem.

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    I have also used buckets but resorted to 1 tote that is a bit larger and all my rope goes in there. I started leaving the end of the ropes hang over the side to make it easy to find them or you could put a stick on there as mentioned or even paint the loops at the end. I did paint my lines 50' from the end so I knew about when to expect to see a pot but didn't think about painting the ends till now. Spooling all that rope sure seems like a waste of time and effort to me not to mention that shrimping is expensive enough without adding a couple of $100 reels for rope. Just my .02

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    Default I have collaspable pots from deweys and Sea and Ski

    I also have the ace puller. While the line is coming off the puller I just coil it on the deck in a clockwise pile. Then after the set comes up I take out the catch and then stack the pots and then put the line in last pot. go to the next set and repeat, when all done stack of three pots with line, then the other two pots with then line. No hassle of buckets or anything. That is why the only way to go is the collapsable pots, the ones from Sea and Ski are best by costco. Save yourself the money and if you have a different kind of pot. Take the money saved and buy new ones.

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    Default Line storage

    I use a larger cooler. It can hold 6 shots of 600' line. Leave the caribeners on them and put one end of the line in one corner of the cooler and the other end at the opposite corner. No problems. Even if the line does not get laid in perfectly, it does not get tangled up. Best way I have found.


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