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Thread: Fly out fishing trip wanted

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    Smile Fly out fishing trip wanted

    I am going to be in Alaska for the month of August. I'm looking for a fly out fishing trip out of Anchorage around August 15. THere will be 5 in our group. Thanks James

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    If you are interested in a fly out trip with rafting, camping, and fishing, this web site sells DVDs for the Talachulitna River & also for Lake Creek. It would be a good option to see the rivers and decide if you were interested. If you do decide to go to one of those rivers, the DVDs include a free river guide with gps coordinates of the best fishing holes, and other landmarks.

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    The later you go in August the more chance for those rivers to be blown-out with high water. A few days of steady rain before your trip can make a huge diff in water levels. Check the weather before your trip and have an alternate plan. High water can eliminate many if not most camping locations along the river. This is more of a concern if you are planning on floating the river. If you are flying to a lodge on the lower river and going with a guide in a jet boat, it may not be as much of a concern. We use Sportmans Air Service out of Lake Hood (you can google it) for our fly-outs to the rivers and have had good luck with them. They can also give you some other fly-out options. There are several others based out of Lake Hood as well. Good luck.


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