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Thread: Pickup truck falls through ice on Finger Lake

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    Default Pickup truck falls through ice on Finger Lake

    Article in the Alaska Dispatch.

    I sure wouldn't be driving on any area lakes yet. Perhaps a 4 wheeler or snowmachine but I don't think the lakes are ready for heavy vehicles yet.

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    Wow!! The recovery might cost more then the truck is worth. BTW checked Big Lake today and measured the ice at 13 inches at the north boat launch the south one is closed. I'm sure someone will go through the ice on this lake also being trails are being plowed, but i doubt it is 13 inches throughout the lake. Think I'll stick to the ATV a couple more weeks.

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    DEC thinks they need sufficient ice thickness so as to be able to get a tow truck or crane out there before they can remove it. I think they need to hire a diver and this crew and be done with it:
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    Quote Originally Posted by iofthetaiga View Post
    DEC thinks they need sufficient ice thickness so as to be able to get a tow truck or crane out there before they can remove it. I think they need to hire a diver and this crew and be done with it.
    Still the iced isn't safe enough to to hold the truck even if they do get it up. So they will still be waiting awhile.
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    First rescue mission of the year
    We have been warning people for a couple of weeks not to trust the ice on the west end of the lake but many people are tempted, might I say attracted, to try traveling to the west end because the roads are so great on the east end and, of course, there are no warning signs to stop people.

    So, as Cathy and I sit in our easy chairs at 1 AM watching the last part of a show, we see two headlights come down the lake. As these headlights reach the area near Bentz Island, they disappear, we see taillights and then nothing. Cathy and I jump into our snow gear and boots and then jump onto our 4-wheelers heading for Bentz. When we arrive, we find two guys waving us down. They had safely gotten out of the vehicle while it was sinking, just barely.

    These two guys actually complained that there should have been warning signs posted on the road to warn people not to continue.

    Big Lake ice has claimed it's newest addition. A 2013 Denali. Please folks, do not trust the west end of the lake unless you have measured the ice along your route. May I suggest that businesses and individuals on the east end, warn people and post notices that the ice is unsafe on this end. It may help. Now 3:14 AM and overdue for bed.


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    So glad you were witnesses to the event, and Jonny on the spot! People don't seem to realize the roads are usually put in by atv to allow the ice there to thicken faster. and, like lemings, will follow each other over a cliff... wouldn't be surprised to see someone follow the tracks right to their end.

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    33* all day today near Wolf Lake.... Ice isn't making much headway.

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