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Thread: Salmon fishing out of Seward

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    How far out into Resurrection Bay does a person have to go to catch salmon? I have a 15.5' zodiac and my wife isn't to excited about braving the open seas. Can a person catch silver salmon reasonably close to the small boat harbor? Any certain spots that we would have a decent chance to catch some fish? When does the Silver Salmon fishing in Res Bay heat up?

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    By late July you should be able to get into some silvers near Seward, and it will only get better as August progresses. Look for other boats catching fish and concentrate your efforts nearby. Your zodiac will do fine if the seas are mellow.

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    I'd have to agree with Brian. I would say the fishing is better towards the middle of August and it seems like the derby is around the 2nd week as well.
    We used to run our 15' Klamath out to that campground past the water fall and there were always plenty of boats and fish. You wouldn't have any problem out there on a decent day. Typically the water is calmer early and late but mid day it can act up for a few hours even on the nicest days.


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