Since most hunting seasons are over, I figured this would be a good time to remind people to take a few minutes and check out the proposals that will be considered by the BofG regarding SouthEast at the upcoming meeting. Below I've copied and pasted the proposal index.

If you want more details:

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Petersburg & Wrangell Area – Units 1B & 3
1 Open a fall brown bear season for residents in Unit 3.
2 Open a fall brown bear season for residents in Unit 3, Mitkof Island.
3 Open a fall brown bear season for residents in Unit 3.
4 Clarify the boundaries of the Petersburg Closed Area and the Petersburg Management Area
due to changing city boundaries.
5 Clarify the boundaries of the Wrangell Road System Closed Area.
6 Redefine "broken antler" for Units 1 and 3.
7 Define “points” for forked moose antlers for the RM038 registration hunt in Unit 1C.

Sitka Area – Unit 4
8 Establish a resident drawing hunt for goats in Unit 4, Sitka area.
9 Increase the resident bag limit for deer in Unit 4 Remainder to six deer, of which the last
two must be bucks.
10 Change "any deer" resident season to October 15 - December 31 for portions of Unit 1C and
all of Unit 4.
11 Establish separate brown bear registration hunts for nonresident relatives within seconddegree
of kindred in Unit 4.

Ketchikan Area – Unit 2
12 Reduce the bag limit for trapping and hunting wolves in Unit 2, require locking tags and
implement registration requirements.
13 Change the management level for wolves in Unit 2 to include all causes of mortality for
14 Establish regulations in Unit 2 to allow for appropriate harvest levels and account for unrecovered harvest.
15 Allow trappers to take beaver in Unit 2 with a firearm.

Juneau, Haines/Skagway, and Yakutat Areas – Units 1C, 1D, & 5
16 Modify the amount reasonably necessary for subsistence uses for deer in Unit 5.
17 Increase the resident bag limit for deer in Unit 1C (Lincoln, Shelter & Sullivan Islands) to
six deer, of which the last two must be bucks.
18 Establish a resident, archery drawing hunt for goats in Unit 1C, Juneau area.
19 Create a resident youth hunt for goats in Unit 1D, Tukgahgo Mountain area.
20 Expand the resident goat season dates for registration permit hunts RGO23 and RGO24 in
Unit 1D.
21 Delay the use of black bear bait stations in Unit 1D until after the brown bear season is
22 Shift the resident moose season two weeks earlier in Unit 5B, Mamby Shore area.
23 Reauthorize antlerless moose hunts in Unit 1C.
24 Reauthorize the antlerless moose season in Unit 5A, Nunatak Bench.
25 Move the resident duck season two weeks earlier in Unit 5.
Regional and Multiple Units
26 Modify deer population and harvest objectives, or exempt the Southeast Region from
27 Establish deer hunting seasons for elder hunters and individuals with disabilities in Units 1-5.
28 Extend the wolverine trapping season in Units 1 - 5.
29 Require a time limit for checking traps in Units 1 - 5.
30 Remove the reporting requirement for GPS coordinates for bear bait stations in Units 1 - 5.
31 Change the bag limit restriction for black and brown bear in Units 1 - 5.
32 Allow the transfer of resident harvest tickets to a relative within second-degree of kindred.
33 Remove the restriction against using felt sole waders while hunting in Southeast Region
34 Require harvest reporting of migratory birds by species in Southeast Region Units.
35 Require certification for big game hunters using crossbows.
36 Remove the requirement to clean up contaminated soil from bear bait stations for Southeast
Region Units.
37 Add five days to all resident hunting seasons and allocate 75% of the drawing permits to
residents in the Southeast Region.
38 Allocate 90% of big game drawing permits to residents for Southeast Region Units.