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Thread: Alaska black bear hunt questions??

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    Default Alaska black bear hunt questions??

    About 10 years ago me and 3 hunting buddies did a DIY handgun hunt for black bear on Prince of Whales Island and had a great and successful hunt. I was lucky enough to take a nice size black bear with my handgun. I am looking to do another black bear hunt (would prefer to hunt grizzly or brown bear, but can't afford it), but want to take my son this time. I would like to have a better success ratio so I would like to do a guided hunt. Also, can't decide between an inland hunt or a boat type hunt, where you have access to more hunting area without having to do a lot of hard hiking as I will be 68 tomorrow!

    I live in Texas, so don't have a lot of access to good Alaska information. Any suggestions on best area, best guide and which type hunt you prefer and why would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    If you are looking for a guided Black bear hunt over bait. This guy has a solid reputation. He does a lot for the wounded Vets each spring and I have Volunteered to assist this spring if they need me.
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    You have access to this site, you have LOTS of good Alaskan intel....
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    There are some boat based guided hunts out of Whittier and Homer that are pretty much a gimmee.

    I know the owner of this outfit and he seems like a good dude. A trip like this would be nothing short of a blast I'm sure.

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    You might contact Johnny at Muskeg Excursions. He's on the forum here also. He may be helpful to you.


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