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Thread: Kodiak bear hunt

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    Default Kodiak bear hunt

    A resident of Alaska who needs a little info on what draw hunt to apply for on kodiak.also I don't want to crowd anybody when I go hunting.any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you do not use a local transporter from nearby village make sure your camp is visible from boats. The other day I took the family for a walk about in 3 saints and we walked into some cotton woods with our3 year old to get her into the woods an came across a tent not visible from the ocean. Crazy
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    With all due respect, I don't feel it's the hunters responsibility to advertise where he's hunting at. If I chose to go into the trees to avoid the wind and elements, then I will. Will all the miles of coastline on Kodiak, it was just bad luck that you chose a beach to go walking on that a fellow hunter decided to place his camp. I feel they did nothing wrong at all. Enjoy your day and continue to post your excellent pictures.

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    There's over 30 hunts in spring and fall to choose from. What do you want? If you want to definitely go hunting, choose a spring hunt with high odds. If you want a once in a lifetime hunt, you're looking for a Karluk fall tag...IMO. It depends on what YOU want, better chance of drawing=spring tags, better chance of seeing lots of bears, generally, that's fall tags. Just get in the draw book and start researching for what you want. If you really just want to hunt Kodiak bears, get a road system tag and come on down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HomerAdam View Post
    With all due respect, I don't feel it's the hunters responsibility to advertise where he's hunting at.
    True, but it's smart nonetheless.

    If your camp is visible, any ethical transporter or solo hunter is going to go somewhere else for a drop-off. You're stuck with new best friends in YOUR SPECIAL SPOT if no one knows you're there and therefore can't give you the space you expect.

    What's a guy gonna do if he gets dropped off on a "deserted" shore and comes upon your camp? Sit on the beach and whine all day? I doubt it, but your whining won't get much sympathy when someone claim jumps your hunt just cuzz you hid your camp.


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