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Thread: On a lake near Soldotna....

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    Default On a lake near Soldotna....

    Was hoping to find the mythical Kenai peninsula pike, but 4 tip-ups for three hours yielded zip. I hooked two nice rainbows on a shrimp tipped jig. Landed the second one after breaking the first off at the hole. My ice fishing learning curve is steep
    Landed one about 10" as well, there were so many fingerlings I just can't imagine there were pike around in any numbers.

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    Actually, (though I love to catch pike) that is good news. I remember some local businessman, real estate agent IIRC, who had a pretty big mounted pike from that lake. It was nice while it lasted I guess. I'm gonna try that other lake we spoke about sometime soon.

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    Nice job on the trout. Guess that answers our questions about pike remaining in that lake.
    We used to never see rainbows there even through our large spearing holes. So this is good news for the trout and Salmon.
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