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    I put this in the Gunsmith side as well but, I thought I'd ask here with all the shotguns guys here. I need some advice gents, I have a set of Charles Daly O&Us in 20 and 12 gauge.They were my Dad's and he would shoot trap with the boys often enough that they got in to the rules. I can't get these guns to dryfire(or live) both barrels one after the other. Is it possible that they have been modified to shoot only a selected barrel? They will fire a single barrel only and won't fire the other unless I select that barrel. Is there a simple flick of a switch or what?

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    I don't know much about O/U shotguns, but a couple years ago I was hunting with my friend's beretta O/U so he could shoot my benelli SBE2. It was dead of winter and I had a lot of layers on to stay warm, when I pulled up to fire only one barrel would fire, not allowing me to pull the trigger again for the second barrel. The problem was that I had so many layers on that after firing of shot, the recoil was buffered with all the layers I had on and it wouldn't activate (due to it needing the recoil to switch to other barrel) the hammer for the other barrel.

    I dont even even know if this helps at all, but maybe it could be along the same lines as my problem I ran I to a few years ago.
    Good luck fixing the problem.


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