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Thread: TFO GLASS Fly Rods

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    Default TFO GLASS Fly Rods

    Just got in a couple of their 3 weights reminds me a lot of the Damon Salt and Salmon or along the Line of the Leon Chandler Signature rods from Cortland. Nice Mid / Full Flex action and they have upgraded their cork and added a couple of whistles and bells. Can't wait to try it this Spring on Grayling. Going to match it up with a CFO and double taper line should be a hoot on the Chena.

    Worth the look so far will have to see if it is worth the effort when the ice leaves.

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    Bought the 3wt BVK with the nymphing option last Winter....rained so much this last Summer, I never wet the line....

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    The guides are a little oversize for such a skinny line, but try the Cortland Sylk double taper line on those rods. Wow! Any DT will bring them alive, but there's just something about that Sylk that's right. After buying my first, I've gone back and put Sylk fly lines on all my bamboo and glass rods. I don't particularly like WF lines on slow action rods, but if your tastes run that way, you might give them a try.


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