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Thread: guide recommendation Kodiak?

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    Default guide recommendation Kodiak?

    I have a friend from Corpus Christi that's retiring from 30 years of taxidermy work. His health is getting bad and after 30 years he's said hes done and selling the shop. So he will have a lot of free time and he's one of those "duck guys" that has a house/shop full of nearly every duck available. But, he's never hunted Alaska and really wants to get into some of the sea ducks around Kodiak.

    I don't duck hunt, at all, never shot one but of course since I live up here he asked me to check it out. The internet is full of ads, but was hoping to nail it down with a few recommendations.


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    Contact Dan. He has a pulse to the duck scene in Kodiak. As a fellow taxi he would be a good guy to call and would know who is real and who is fake.

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    Does it have to be Kodiak? If not then I would recommend Seldovia hunting and fishing charters. We have gone with Buck several times and have always had a great quality experience. Great variety of birds and great scenery.


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    I second Buck in Seldovia. He knows where this birds are, and will get you ample opportunities to harvest many different species.

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    Bucks outfit is top notch, spent last weekend with him. One of the top 2 hunts I've ever experienced, right up there with Mizzou rice fields. You will be impressed.


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