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Thread: Include/exclude forums on new post search

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    Cool Include/exclude forums on new post search

    I learned a new trick today that you might find helpful, and that is a way to either include or exclude forums from the new post search. It's a bit klunky, but if you want to set up a desktop shortcut, it will be very easy.

    Here's the basic syntax:<include><exclude>=<forum number> This is what you are doing when you click the "New Posts" link at page tops.

    Now, to include only specific forums in your search for new posts do something like this:,14,35,37,38,39
    That will display new posts ONLY from the hunting forums.

    Or, you can get ALL the forums except ones that you don't want to read:,14,35,37,38,39
    The numbers after the second equal sign are forum numbers. To find out the number for a forum, either hover over the link to the forum and read it off the status bar at the bottom of the browser window, or click to the forum and read it from your URL window. Here's the link to the Outdoor Gear forum: Notice the forum number at the end: 33.

    If you want to get automated with this, you can set up a desktop shortcut on Windows machines:
    1) Get your include or exclude string working as above
    2) Copy that to your clipboard
    3) Right-click your mouse on an empty part of your desktop
    4) Select create shortcut
    5) Enter the URL and a descriptive name, finish, and you have a desktop shortcut that will get new posts from forums you want or don't want.

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