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Thread: Bank fishing for reds

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    Default Bank fishing for reds

    I am looking for some good locations to bank fish for reds on the Kenai and Kasilof. I will be there fishing from July 15-24. Info on some good spots would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Personally I would fish the lower parts of Kenia River especially mid month but that's not saying you won't catch fish anywhere else. There are quite a few public access points along the river in Soldotna and below. There will be people at all of them as well so don't go looking for solitude and fish. Its usually best to go real early in the morning to avoid the larger crowds.

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    right in front of the fish and black flies on a cloudy day yellow and green on a sunny day 18" of leader 2 3/4 egg weights....bump the bottom follow your line down river with the rod tip and set the best year there was 7 casts and 6 reds
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