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    Anybody here loaded for a 7-30 Waters in a TC handgun? I lost all my information on this gun when my old computer crashed. I think I used Win. 748 powder and I know I shot 120 gr. bullets in it. Have any one here had dealings with this gun?

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    Long time ago, but when I last loaded for it, I settled on RL-7 with the old Sierra Single Shot Pistol bullet. IIRC, it was 120 grains. Shot flat, and flat killed deer, but when I checked just now I didn't find it listed at the Sierra site any longer. The Speer 130 grain FN intended for the Waters ought to be just dandy too.

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    Hornady also made a 120gr in a SSPB. Temporarily on hold for production due to retooling. there are some good forum sites with lots of reloading data on this round, mostly from guys using the T/C.

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    Just ran into a bud who still uses his TC 7-30 (14") a lot. He reports his all time favorite bullet has turned out to be the Hornady 139 grain spitzer. He says at Waters vels it expands beautifully out to at least 200 yards, but holds together well for great penetration. I never got around to trying it myself, but this guy has taken a lot of game with his Waters. His powder of choice is 748.


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