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Thread: Norma Factory Ammo

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    Default Norma Factory Ammo

    Anyone have experience with their factory offerings?
    I picked up some of their hunting ammo in .358 NM, 250 gr. Oryx, (on sale and pretty cheap) and it seems pretty hot for factory loads.
    I get some binding when ejecting the spent cartridge, and the extractor leaves a mark. Only ever had this with these rounds.
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    Haven't used any Norma in quite a few years, but yeah. All I've used gave symptoms of being hotter than other factory loads. I still have a few rounds of their 44 mag from the 1970's left, and it was entirely too hot for S&W revolvers. Dandy in Rugers, but those S&W's didn't like it at all- Very hard extraction, with an occasional lockup due to primer flow.

    All their own bullets always performed well on game, but I have no experience with the Onyx.

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    Yep- Norma loads it hot.

    They make ammunition under contract to a couple different folks... Weatherby for one every accused those guys of watering it down.
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