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    I Currently Own An '04 Rubicon. I Bought It To Play And Pull A Meat Trailer During Hunting Season. Well, We Pretty Well Ride At Least 2 Times A Week And This Is Just Play Riding. My Buddy Just Bought 2 New Yamahas, A Kodiak And Grizzly And I Must Say I Am Impressd With The Irs And The Ground Clearance. I Am Trying To Decide On Purchasing A New Rincon. I Wanted To Get To Kincaid Park This Past Sunday And Test Ride The Rincon But Had To Work. Does Anyone Out There Own Both These Machines? If So, What Can You Tell Me About The Comparisons? I Really Like The Low Range And Engine Braking On The Rubicon, But I Do Get Tired Of Getting Hung Up In The Ruts Or Stumps. I Guess You Can Say I Am A Loyal Honda Rider! Eric

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    I don't own a Rincon but I know a little about them. The Rincon was built for riding trails and it is very good if not the best there is for it's intended purpose. If you plan on doing any mudding then the Rincon is probably not what your looking for, it only has 3 gears and they are higher than your Rubicon. The newer model has a 680 motor and efi which I hear is an awesome feature. If I were to own 2 machines they would be my 04 ForemanES 4x4 for working and hunting and a new Rincon for playing on the trail and having fun. If you plan on keeping your Rubi and are looking for a fun machine you can look no further!

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    I just bought an 05 rincon havent yet did much hauling with it on riding in on the trails to the bait stands. With stock tires seems to rear seems to slide around quite a bit compared to some of the machines i have rode in the past. when coming down from higher speeds it seems to down shift kinda hard to dont know if thats the way it is or if something is wrong.

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    hey Eric, I have an '06 Foreman ES with 400 miles. My two brothers just got new Grizzlies and we've been out about 25hrs of riding now. I had the same probs as you--ruts and high-centered. I went to the Sun test ride. I bought a new Rincon and rode it yesterday. It is much faster smoother ride than the
    foreman or rubi. If you go out to kincaid much--the steep trail on the south side by the bluff i came down without brakes. Not as slow as the foreman but
    in control.
    The clearance is better but still needs stiffer springs. I will replace the stock springs and tires immediately. My foreman's 26" mudlites are a full 3/4" taller at the hub center than the stock rincon tires at 4 psi.
    The brothers have 26" mudlites and 27" XTRs and cannot wheelie. We all wheelied easily on the rinc with stock tires. The brother with the '06 grizz with the HMF muffler, jets, air filter and elka shocks was very impressed with
    the '06 rinc. Enough to keep me from buyer's remorse.... Hopefully, I can keep up now.

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    Dont buy these for hunting! My buddy got an 04 with the automatic tranny. After the first season the tranny grew a mind of its own and wont shift properly. its a very fast quad but not reliable. auto tranny and too many electronics. The other problem is its geared way too high. he weighs about 275lbs and the 650 motor struggles to get up the steeps in the tudra where we hunt. It doesnt shift into second gear until you hit almost thirty mph!. only good thing I liked on it was the smooth riding rear ifs lot better than my 04 foreman 450. Need to put the 650 and ifs in the foreman!

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    Rincon's sure aren't the best when it comes to mud. Maybe with alot of mods thought, but for what they cost you shouldn't have to spend alot more on them to make them into a better machine.


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