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Thread: Packrafting the Little Sue @ 540CFS

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    Default Packrafting the Little Sue @ 540CFS

    I have been doing a very poor job of keeping up with editing my videos this year. It is October and I haven't made a rafting one yet. Here is the first of 10-12 that I took footage of. It is a popular run but not may pack rafters sun it at over 500. Owen and I ended up swimming while his girlfriend in her first packrafting run ever schooled us. She was a top tier kayak years back and the youngest woman kayaker to run the North Fork of the Payette when she completed it at 14!



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    Great vid JR, thanks for posting it, the ol L. Su, has tuned all of us up at one time or another. You guys should go up and walk in 4 miles up Gold Mint next year, and try that section, it is sweet for packrafting.

    I have been watching Bird Creek levels, it is still too darn high I think, we may not get a crack at it this year. I'll PM if it looks good, so we can do an end of season rally. I have been nursing wounded kayak ribs for 5 weeks, so I have not done anything. It works better when I stay upright in my boat, and I will say, "boulders are bad on ribs when I'm not upright." lol I suck! To add insult to injury, my kid was purposely running the rapids backwards.

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    Thanks! I enjoy looking at that river from the road. Nice to see someone on/in it.


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