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Thread: Tatonduk River-anyone been there?

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    Default Tatonduk River-anyone been there?

    This looks like an interesting area, am thinking of going there someday. Has anyone ever floated, or power boated it for that matter. Any info shared is much appreciated.

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    Wes, it's only 8 or 9 miles from the mouth until you are in Canada. The gorge there stops powerboat traffic. Fairly braided and gnarly in the lower AK section, can do it in high water with most boats but in lower water the riffles are too shallow and the turns too sharp. In lower water you can line up in a canoe or use a grumman and motor the pools and walk or line up the riffles. Lots of people have wrecked or swamped or spilled there in the past trying to power up it in various craft. Heckuva river in Canada, some falls and fast canyon water, haven't been up that far in summer but know some who've kayaked/portaged down it in the past. Pretty country.


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