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    Interesting. Thanks TI. I am not all that informed in the changes to the charter industry other than what I've read on this forum and the ads I heard from the charter industry when the change was proposed. Was wondering how this transfer option is working out? Has this been better/worse for the charter industry? For the commercial industry? Has it affected the price of IFQ's? Are the charter operators allowed to commercially sell the fish caught under the IFQ? Are those fish subject to the size restrictions in the sport fishery, or in the IFQ commercial fishery?

    At face value, I would think that it is a pretty sensible utilization of IFQ's. Most bang-for-the-buck, if you will, especially if commercial sale of the sport caught fish is allowed. The dropping of charter limits is obviously a drag, but alas, halibut are a finite resource...

    Can these IFQ's be transferred or leased to a Charter operator for the season without the owner being on the boat? If so, that's a big change, no?

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    Only 7% of the charter fleet used gaf this year. We mulled it, and after king limits came out we decided against it.

    The guys who did use it went a little "hog wild". The biggest issue obviously is that in SE it went from 28lbs per GAF fish, to over 60. That over double the price of GAF, and now probably 3% or so of charters will use it, if any at all.

    We'll see what they come up with next.

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    So the price this year was based on a 11.5 pound average in 3A. Those of use that used it in Seward, were careful to land some smaller fish to keep the average down.
    next year it will be 200 dollars to lease that fish at 5 dollars a pound. If is about 45% less expensive if you own the IFQ's and lease your own quota from yourself but the fact is that quota's are down so low not too many fish are around to lease if it was being used.
    The good news is that GAF is based on the year before's average, so if we land a 15 pound GAF fish this year, that will be the average for the following year.


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