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Thread: Talkeetna Raft trip or ? help

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    I will be in the Willow area for a few days in july.I would like to take my wife and 13yr old on a rafting trip.Is a trip from Talkeena the thing to do ? Is it safe or do able for wife and child ? Has anybody been on any of these trips.Our main goal for 10 days is fishing,but we will be going south to do most of that.Any ideas or suggestions will be great.


    P.S. We are looking for a short trip 2 -- 4 hrs ?

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    There is a commercial raft company that does (or at least did) the lower end of the Talkeetna. I think it's about a 1 hour trip and all very mellow water. The people I talked to that had just gotten off of it liked the ride. The discussion and stories from the guides are what make a trip like this.

    Another one in the area is a 4-6 hour ride down the Chulitna River from the Denali Princess Lodge to Talkeetna. It is also just flat water, but I think the views are better and the river more interesting. Still, the guides are what make or break these kinds of trips, and they're usually pretty good because they are looking for tips.

    Of course, there are great power boat rides available in Talkeetna as well. They will take you up and down the Talkeetna, Chulitna or Susitna rivers. There's even one that will take you out and spin and splash till you're dizzy, and another that will take you right into the bottom of Devils Canyon on the Susitna.


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