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    I just got back from the Copper River at Chitina and limited out in about 2.5 hours last night. I dipped right below the bridge on the west side of the river. During this opening also 10 additional fish were allowed on top of your personal use quota. Other fishurs limited out in the same time frame. Now the work begins to put them away.

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    I'm heading that way on Friday. I hope to have the same luck as you. Thanks for the report.

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    Default just got back

    Yeah, it took me 4 hrs to get 39 reds and one 25 lb king. I released 8 other kings in that time and shook out another 6 or 7? before they got in the net. A LOT of kings right now. It's funny, they look kind of black, but the meat is perfect, red, and firm.
    Also, the reds are much bigger than usual there this year, lots of bigger males.
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    I limited in about 5 hrs, picky I guess. I had 4 Kings in the net, one with two reds...and 4 solos. I kept a dime-bright hen about 25-30lbs. I had 3 triples and 4 or 5 doubles. I was commenting to a buddy about the numbers of males, and how bright and big they were. I even had 5 fish with green in their backs... they must have been in a hurry!

    39 Reds, 1 King, 8 hrs of work... When can I go again?!?!
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