Lee and Gene,
Would you please send this information out to all the folks on your
shooters list. This is probably the only chance this year that we will
get to shoot 1000 yards.

After many communications with all concerned, we seem to have come up
with the latest plan. This is what we believe to be the actual FINAL
plan. :-) We are shooting at Colorado Range at Greely on Saturday
and Sunday 16-17 June. That's this (Fathers Day) weekend. We should
meet at the Buffalo Diner @ Delta Jct, for breakfast at 0800h of at
Colorado Range. By the way-the weather man says-bring rain gear-just in

The planned course of fire for Saturday will be unlimited sighters and
20 shots for record at 800,900&1000 yards with a 30 minute per stage
time limit. Sunday will be three times at 1000 yards.

All rifles are welcome and you may fire from sling, bipod or F class
rest. We will have the itsy-bitsy F Class targets for those who think
that they want to "cut a fat hog" and shoot an easy target and have a
great score. ;-)

If there are any questions or comments-please give me a call at 745-3828
or Ed Christensen 895-4214h or 873-4700w

Craig Parker